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Felix Ogonoye
Parrot Matchmaker pp72-73
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Author Biography

The grandson of two different Yoruba Nigerian traditional healers and medicine men who could call to the spirits of lost souls across great distances and harsh conditions, Felix Ogonoye grew up in a westernized household within a traditional coastal village in Nigeria. Listening to the village storytellers, he became intrigued by the Yoruba culture and rituals of his ancestors and neighbors. When helping his grandmother sell her smoked fish at the village market, he befriended a smart and talkative parrot—who liked to sing Yoruba folksongs along with the children. That parrot inspired Felix’s first novel, The Parrot Matchmaker, published by Asalako Press in 2014.


Even after he moved to the United States in 1974, Felix returned frequently to Africa with a career in international trade that took him all over the world. He lives in the Atlanta area and has three grown children.