For Teachers

Using The Parrot Matchmaker in the Classroom

With its close look at Yoruba village life, glimpses of the practices and training of traditional medicine men, and extensive descriptions of every detail in preparing for and carrying out a spare-no-expense Yoruba wedding, The Parrot Matchmaker is ideal for curriculum units on African/Nigerian history and culture.

Parrot Matchmaker p.293

It’s also suitable for studying:

  • World literature
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Wedding customs
  • Wilderness survival
  • African folklore
  • Shamanic traditions around the world

Parrot Matchmaker p.283

Author Felix Oguntoye is willing to do a Skype or Google hangout visit with any class that orders ten copies or more. In-person visits may also be possible, particularly in the Atlanta area where Felix makes his home, and in the Northeast United States, where his grown children live. Please visit the Contact page [link to it] and select “Contact Felix about speaking to your school or community group.”