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Featured title: The Parrot Matchmaker

Robinson Crusoe Meets Romeo & Juliet—In Africa

In love with the beautiful and wealthy Aderonke, Remi, a poor peasant in the village, was looking too far above his station—or so thought his many wealthier rivals for Aderonke’s hand. And yet, slowly, he was winning her heart.

When two of Aderonke’s suitors conspire to have Remi kidnapped and killed, the hired thugs beat him savagely and throw his battered body into the sea—but unknown to them, Remi is still alive, though unconscious. Washing up on an uninhabited coral island, with no tools, no shelter, and no idea where he is or how to get back home, Remi must learn to survive in the wilderness—and trust in his faith that he and his beloved will be reunited.

Aided in his quest by a very special parrot, Remi turns the whole island into a monument to Aderonke—and in his two years of exile, he discovers that he’s right to believe in miracles.


In this detailed retelling of a classic Yoruba folktale, Nigerian native Felix Oguntoye’s debut novel explores the power of unstoppable love and faith, even in a world where evil seems to go unpunished. Fans of African literature, Magical Realism, and romance across class lines—and those who would enjoy a carefully drawn description of Yoruba village traditions—will all find much to enjoy here.
—Shel Horowitz, book industry consultant and award-winning author of eight books


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